Friday Knights

Friday Knights

Aug 15, 2012

Ramgarhia Gurdwara Coventry will be hosting ‘FRIDAY KNIGHTS’ to promote an alternative way for Sikhs to spend the start of their weekend. We invite you to come and try it out as something different to what you may usually do on a Friday night.

The event started on Friday 10th August 2012 with the showing of the new Vismaad Animated Film ‘Bhai Subeg Singh and Shabaaz Singh‘ which is about a father and son who attained Shaheedi on the Charkaree (spiked wheel).

On Friday 17th August 2012 we have Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa from Banbury who has excellent knowledge and excellent communication skills; particularly known for his rapport with young people and his bi-lingual skills. He will be presenting a lecture on Kes and why Sikhs sacrificed lives for their Kes.

On Friday 24th August 2012 we will be privileged to have the founder and creator of Sikhi to the Max, Bhai Tarsem Singh Jee. He will be delivering on the importance and benefits of keeping the Sikh Discipline and will be taking questions on any Sikhi topic.

Events for forthcoming weeks are yet to be confirmed – so watch this space!

Please attend with family, friends and whoever else you may want to bring. Hope to see you there…even if it’s to pop in and have some chips and beans langar!

Friday Knights at Ramgarhia Gurdwara Coventry

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